Understanding the myriad complexities of today’s identity management challenges requires expertise in all phases of a solution development, implementation and ongoing management.

Daon’s Professional Services Consultants have the unique skills and global experience to successfully design, develop, implement, enhance and maintain your Identity Lifecycle Solution. Our proven track record is backed by a comprehensive solutions portfolio and extensive list of global customers.

Some of the consulting services we can provide include:

  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Biometric Research and Evaluation
  • Information Security
  • Business Needs and Gap Analysis
  • Solution Architecture and Design
  • Integration Services
  • Solution Implementation
  • Subject Matter Expertise

Daon Consultants have extensive proven subject matter expertise in delivering end-to-end Identity Lifecycle and Identity Intelligence solutions. In fact our Consultants are in the top percentile of large-scale program biometric professionals – making them the “black belts” of the industry.

Daon Consultants have an additional competitive advantage – their easy access to the Daon body of knowledge derived from our past engagements on four continents in over twenty countries. This asset helps ensure that our customers gain the maximum value from their biometric and Identity Management engagements.

Our consulting services include:

  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Evaluating costs and benefits
  • Increasing the effectiveness and convenience of business processes
  • Program Security Requirements
  • Architecture and Design Services
  • Building on and maximizing the utilization of existing technology investments
  • Generating metrics to assess the impact of biometrics on their organization
  • Minimizing risks and providing surety of program delivery time frames and resources

In addition, we recommend a complete assessment of business and technical needs as an essential factor in ensuring successful delivery of large-scale Identity Management solutions.

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Biometric Research and Evaluation

The world of biometrics and Identity Management is in a constant state of change, with new devices and algorithms launching almost daily. As a world leader in Identity Lifecycle solutions and Intelligence, Daon Consultants understand the benefits of complex biometric technologies and when best to apply them within specific Identity Management scenarios.

Our mission is to provide the surety of outcome our customers require in deploying systems to address their specific challenges.  Our Consultants have unparalleled industry experience in working with existing and deploying new Identity Management solutions – even those not using Daon products. Our biometric research and evaluation services can be applied at any point in the program life cycle from its initial planning through implementation and maintenance.

Daon Consultants use a number of methods and tools to evaluate biometric and identity products, systems and entire biometric solutions. Daon Analytics, our biometric toolkit, is a favorite for evaluating the latest biometric technologies and assessing the performance and conformance of deployed biometrically enabled systems. It can also assess information from multiple biometrics to mathematically predict the most successful combinations (fusion techniques) and present these in an easily consumable manner.

Information Security

Daon Consultants have the deep information security and management experience to address customer privacy concerns early on in any solutions development. DaonEngine’s architecture places privacy and security as top priorities, encrypting data both when at rest and when traveling from point-to-point. Our hierarchy of encryption and signing keys keep customers’ data private under the most extreme circumstances and ensures access is not given to the wrong people at any time.

This prioritization of privacy – that our products are designed to keep information secure and consistent with each customer’s specific privacy requirements – is a significant differentiator for Daon.

Business Needs and Gap Analysis

Daon’s Business Needs and Gap Analysis service refines the customer’s business requirements and documents the configurations and enhancements to Daon products based upon our established best practices. Our rapid solution prototyping capability enables project stakeholders to efficiently agree upon business requirements and use cases.

Our Gap Analysis demonstrates how Daon and third party products satisfy the Business Needs, explaining Daon functionality and exploring the most feasible configuration and third party products to meet those needs. A Daon Consultant works with the customer and/or partner throughout these processes to determine what combination of Daon products, third party products, tools and devices will provide the best overall solution to the business requirements.

Solution Architecture and Design

Daon design engineers and architects are highly experienced in translating business needs and their associated functional, non-functional and technical requirements into a solution architecture and design. Our solution design team fuses best practices with real world implementation experience to help customers understand their requirements and extrapolate them into the best possible solution.

Daon has extensively researched data protection and privacy legislation globally, including legislation on biometric storage and transmission in national and international systems. Our industry-recognized legal and privacy experts provide the advice and guidance required to assist customers understand the context and application of the relevant controls, ensuring they can be accommodated in the most pragmatic way.

Our ongoing active participation in biometrics and standards bodies further extends the Daon body of knowledge, compiled over the course of our corporate history. This internal resource is used to map the most appropriate technologies and techniques to the desired business outcomes of our customers.

Daon has practical experience of delivering robust, national scale solutions that make use of industry-leading application servers, database systems and enterprise messaging infrastructures. Our Consultants have an especially keen focus on realizing scalable and secure, service-oriented architectures, which provide solutions that deliver immediate value and form a strong platform for future evolution.

Integration Services

Daon software is designed to be inherently flexible, vendor agnostic and available for a variety of platforms. Our experience in deploying end-to-end solutions allows our team to deliver successful program outcomes in industry-leading timeframes. This efficiency derives from our approach of blending COTS software, third party products and Daon integration services in successful combinations which facilitate on-time and on-budget delivery.

Daon Integration teams are equally adept at delivering turnkey solutions or working alongside other teams to provide the advice and guidance necessary for them to develop solutions based upon Daon and third party products.

Solution Implementation

High-quality planning and execution of all project phases is key to a successful Identity Management implementation, both with or without biometrics. Daon Consultants use proven methods and tools to deliver our technology in tight coordination with the customer across all phases of implementation. Our Solution Implementation Services include:

  • Rapid Application Development – Daon uses our end-to-end products to prototype solutions, combined with a RAD delivery approach.
  • Legacy System Interfaces – Daon excels at developing Application Program Interfaces for existing COTS applications as well as custom developed legacy systems.
  • Conversion Services – Daon has significant experience in the assessment, enhancement and delivery of conversion of legacy data and systems.
    Deployment Planning – This service provides assistance in developing detailed project management plans for deploying complete Identity Management solutions as well as Daon-led deployment of software solutions.
  • Proof of Concept – Daon has developed and assisted customers in delivering pilot programs to establish a “proof-of-concept” solution that can support the planning, piloting, and vendor comparative analysis processes. Our collaborative approach and flexible identity components help our customers achieve the results desired to move from proof of concept to full production systems.
  • Implementation & Configuration Support – Daon will provide Installation and Configuration Consultants to support initial deployment as well as product upgrades, additions, and migration installations.