Biometric Data Collection & Processing

Daon operates the nation’s largest civilian clearinghouse for fingerprint, biometric and biographic processing.

Created to provide cost-effective and expedient background checking services, we provide biometric background checking for every active airport employee – 1.2 million people – including all airport workers, federal transportation security officers and air marshals, alien flight school participants and general aviation crews.

Our Biometric Data Collection and Processing (BDCP) services are firmly grounded in our extensive experience collecting and processing biometric and biographical data, with an eye on security, stability, reliability, performance, and best value for our customers.

Our partnerships with the AAAE and The UPS Stores allow us to provide secure, convenient and high quality criminal history background checking services at convenient locations throughout the U.S.

Our capabilities include:

  • Biometric (i.e., fingerprints, etc.) and biographic data collection and processing
  • Criminal history background checks (local and national) and employment verification checks
  • Extensive data management and storage services
  • Creation and activation of physical and logical access devices (identity credentialing) including PIV cards, PIV-I cards and other smart cards
  • Electronic fingerprinting, including online scheduling