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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re offering our new customers free biometric-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) for their virtual private networks (VPN), with access for up to 500 users, and hosted in our secure cloud for immediate deployment.

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The truth about VPN security

Today, most VPNs for teleworkers are “secured” (to use the word loosely) by nothing more than passwords and secret questions (known as KBA or knowledge-based authentication), which has the dubious distinction of being the worst-in-class authentication factor from the perspective of both security and user experience. In fact, Gartner estimates in some cases, KBA will reject 15-30% of legitimate users while accepting up to 60% of criminals.

Knowing this, many enterprises have switched to securing their VPNs with physical tokens. But these tokens are easily lost or stolen, which compromises the integrity of the system and halts the productivity of your workforce.

The good news is that the simple act of replacing KBA and/or physical tokens with biometric-based MFA from Daon (a fast and easy software upgrade that works “off-the-shelf” with Cisco AnyConnect VPN and other popular VPN services) can greatly increase both the security and efficiency of your remote workforce.

VPN security from the most trusted name in biometric identity assurance

Chosen to secure more than 1 billion users on six continents, Daon’s IdentityX platform comes pre-loaded with these and other capabilities:

Multi-modal. Supports and combines face, voice, fingerprint, behavioral, and palm biometric factors with non-biometric factors, as desired.

Liveness. Supports multiple liveness detection algorithms for face and voice.

Extensive policy control over all aspects of authentication: modality(s), match thresholds, attempts, device capabilities. This provides our customers maximum flexibility in balancing convenience for users with the security required for high-security logins.

Multi-tenant. Allows different population segments (departments, user groups) to be managed independently of each other. With separate administrators and data segregation.

Scalability. Our core technology has scaled to populations of hundreds of millions. USAA has reported no-problem at a peak load of 750,000 authentications per day with IdentityX.

High-Availability. Can be deployed in highly-available and disaster recovery configurations.

FIDO. IdentityX can be configured as a FIDO UAF and U2F Server and has been certified in this configuration.

Flexibility. Platform independent: Windows or Linux, Oracle or SQL Server. Runs on commodity hardware - no special requirements. Provides flexible integration options (SOAP/ Restful APIs), match-on-server or match-on-device, configurable authentication policies, supports in-band and out-of-band use cases.

Omni-channel. Can be integrated into an enterprise to give a consistent authentication experience across different channels/use cases: mobile, website, etc.

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