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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re offering our new customers free Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) with secure biometrics for virtual private networks (VPN), zero trust network access (ZTNA) and cloud access security broker (CASB), with access for up to 500 users and hosted in our secure cloud for immediate deployment.

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Remote Workforce Solutions - Multi Factor Authentication, Secure Biometrics

Solving the bring your own PC (BYOPC) problem

In the age of coronavirus, businesses large and small are struggling to adjust to an overwhelming surge of new remote workers. Companies with a typical load of 500 remote workers are suddenly faced with 5,000 or even 50,000. For many businesses, there are simply not enough licenses to support the increase in scale, nor the bandwidth to accommodate an entire workforce functioning remotely all at once. Procuring new hardware is not an option; you can’t find it, there’s no one to receive it, and there’s no one to install it.

Out of necessity, organizations are turning to a model of last resort—Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC).

If not for COVID-19, this would be unthinkable. Today’s personal computers are crawling with unseen malware, introducing confounding new risks to an already overtaxed IT security structure. Worse still, recent reports indicate that cyber threats, including phishing scams and spam, are on the rise as bad actors take advantage of the remote workers and their unsecured corporate systems that rely on either passwords (not at all secure) or physical tokens (difficult to source in a world of disrupted supply chains).


But here’s the good news: Adding Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) with secure biometrics – a simple upgrade that works off-the-shelf with your VPN, ZTNA, or CASB of choice – can exponentially increase both the security and efficiency of your remote workforce.

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Chosen to secure more than 1 billion users on six continents, Daon’s IdentityX platform comes pre-loaded with these and other capabilities:

Multi-modal. Supports and combines face, voice, fingerprint, behavioral, and palm biometric factors with non-biometric factors, as desired.


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Liveness. Supports multiple liveness detection algorithms for face and voice.

Extensive policy control over all aspects of authentication: modality(s), match thresholds, attempts, device capabilities. This provides our customers maximum flexibility in balancing convenience for users with the security required for high-security logins.

Multi-tenant. Allows different population segments (departments, user groups) to be managed independently of each other, with separate administrators and data segregation.

Scalability. Our core technology has scaled to populations of hundreds of millions.

High-Availability. Can be deployed in highly-available and disaster recovery configurations.

FIDO. IdentityX can be configured as a FIDO UAF and U2F Server and has been certified in this configuration.

Flexibility. Platform independent: Windows or Linux, Oracle or SQL Server. Runs on commodity hardware - no special requirements. Provides flexible integration options (SOAP/ Restful APIs), match-on-server or match-on-device, configurable authentication policies, and supports in-band and out-of-band use cases.

Omni-channel. Can be integrated into an enterprise to give a consistent authentication experience across different channels/use cases: mobile, website, etc.

The Daon difference

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During this unprecedented time of need, we’re offering this solution to all our new customers, free of chargehosted in our secure cloud for fast, contactless deployment with nothing to install on-premise.

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