Mobile Authentication & Biometrics

Today’s mobile users need comprehensive security in order to be truly protected. But you don’t want to give up convenience and ease of use. Daon’s IdentityX Platform and Authenticator are the answer.

Daon’s mobile authentication solutions offer the protection you need to keep your transactions safe, and the freedom of choice that helps you keep pace with an ever-changing mobile environment. We don’t just build mobile authentication and biometrics – we build human authentication solutions that offer security, convenience and performance – helping you get your business done safely while on the move.

Virtually anything that is conventionally protected with a username and password, PIN, or token can be made more mobile, convenient and secure with the IdentityX Platform.

Our risk-based security levels dynamically accommodate options based on user choice. So you have the freedom to balance security and convenience in a uniquely effective blend. Choose quick, convenient actions for low risk requests and full biometric authentication for more risky actions.

Freedom of choice for you – and your customers.