Large Scale & National ID

The adoption of biometrics within National ID Card Programs mirrors the general moves across the world to increase the security of many existing documents through the use of biometrics to improve the level of trust in the identity of individuals who present them.

The use of Biometrics can greatly increase the level of trust that can be associated with a National ID program and the adoption of a robust, secure and trusted scheme benefits the country as a whole as well as individual citizens. Daon’s National ID solution provides many benefits to a society as an effective ID can be used:

  • To improve public confidence and strengthen national security
  • To help tackle people trafficking, illegal working and immigration abuse
  • To disrupt the use of false and multiple identities by organised criminals and those involved in terrorist activity
  • To help protect citizens from the risk from identity fraud and theft
  • To ensure free public services are delivered to those entitled to them and reduce fraudulent benefit claims
  • To enable easier and more convenient access to public services
  • To protect democratic processes, improving certainty of identity at election voting and broadening access to trusted E-Voting processes

Daon’s National ID solution employs a multi-tier architecture, where the front-end applications (Enrolment Application) communicate through a middleware service request processor (DaonEngine) to the back-end services (existing and new national and international applications and services), a biometric matching technology for central identification and verification, a biometric match on card capability and the card issuance system.

Daon delivers following key functionality:

  • Register/Enroll: Each individual that has been selected to receive a new National ID card or Resident Permit ID card, and that has not been previously enrolled with biometric information, is to then have their finger prints, iris images, photographic image and biographic data captured and transmitted to the central application.
  • Identification (de-dupe): This is the ability to verify that the individual being processed has not already being processed (issued with another ID card under an alternative name or alias), via the use of finger print biometric matching capability.
  • Identity Management & Secure Central Storage: All biographic and biometric data of each individual enrolled in the system will be stored securely in a central database, that is managed by DaonEngine, and accessed by the client enrolment applications, the back end matching services, and the DaonCMS Card Management System.
  • Card Issuance: DaonCMS Card Management System leverages biographic and biometric data of each individual enrolled in the system by pulling from the DaonEngine as required and packaging the data into the required format for electronic personalisation on the national ID card.

The use of a Service Oriented Architecture application will deliver all the required functionality of the ID card system, while ensuring the solution is future proof, scalable and extensible. Key business and technology services underpin the enrollment application capability, integration to the existing and new application estate, and secure biometric repository.