Identity Providers/NSTIC

Know who you are transacting with online by utilizing stronger credentials that reduce fraud and increase security.


Our solutions allow public and private sector organizations to use strong authentication solutions that ensure they know who they are transacting with online, are easy to integrate and provide convenient single sign-on for their customers.

In a federated identity management system, an identity provider is a trusted provider that enables customers to use Single Sign-On to access a range of web services offered by different organizations. This can be a great help to such customers: for instance, rather than having to remember many usernames and passwords, they need only have one. Consumers of online services are becoming familiar with using simple versions of identity provider services provided by social networks and internet companies. Organizations providing online services need not create their own identity systems, but can rely on trusted expert providers. Interoperability based on using the latest standards means that integration is easy and organizations can take advantage of a range of service providers that are available.

A key benefit is the potential to allow organizations to introduce stronger credentials than usernames and passwords, which can increase security and reduce fraud for them and their customers. When integrated with Identity Proofing services that verify a customer’s identity during Registration for the credential, an Identity service permits organizations to offer more services electronically over the Internet that previously had to be done in person.

Daon’s solutions for federated identity management include the following features:

  • Support for SAML and OAUTH interfaces with Service Providers/Relying Parties
  • Multiple trust frameworks such as Kantara and OpenID Connect
  • Options for biometric authentication using fingerprint, iris voice, face and other biometrics with secure management of identity data in DaonEngine
  • Allows authentication on smart devices (Android and iOS phones and tablets) including optional biometrics with IdentityX
  • Allows high Levels of Assurance (LOA) according to national standards for identity assurance.

Daon has delivered the technology solution for the TrustX Identity Provider as part of the US National Strategy for Trusted Identity in Cyberspace (NSTIC) program.