eVisa & Immigration Management

For close to a decade, Daon has been implementing biometric eVisa and Immigration systems for Immigration Agency clients using our core platform products combined with a wealth of related subject matter expertise.

Daon has delivered solutions in this space globally and count among our clients the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, US Department of Homeland Security (US Visit) and Immigration New Zealand.

Daon has a rich heritage in the delivery of Identity at Event Model and Identity Centric Model identity solutions. In the eVisa and Immigration space, Daon also works with our clients to deliver hybrid models where each subject is uniquely identified within the system and has a master “best information available” record, but also has a set of encounters (also uniquely identified) linked to that record and which are searchable and retrievable.

Our solutions give the Immigration Agency the ability to confirm a subject’s identity with confidence at each step in their engagement, for example, the initial visa application, interview, medical check, departure check, arrival at border check and then all internal county business transactions with the immigration government agency.

The Confidentiality, Integrity and Security of captured biometric data is an often quoted concern for Visa applicants when required to present their biometrics for collection. Once a consideration for only citizen data, privacy is now also becoming a concern for non-citizen data. The traditional approach of handling citizen and non-citizen data differently is shifting towards consistently applying the appropriate protections to all persons of interest. Our solutions benefit from DaonEngine’s secure management of data at rest, in transit through solution subcomponents as well as during interaction with external systems. DaonEngine offers security in the context of system configuration and system handing with tamper resistance audit trails facilitating strong evidence and non-repudiation of system use.

eVisa Immigration

Daon’s eVisa and Immigration solutions are multi biometric, enabling:

  • Purpose fitting: Biometric modes vary in their accuracy, speed of matching, acquisition process and licensing costs. An architecture which supports multiple biometrics allows the most appropriate biometric to be used for the purpose at hand. For example, iris recognition on the move may be the best solution where throughput is critical.
  • Universality: Every biometric mode has some measurable failure to enrol rate. An architecture that supports multiple biometrics broadens the population that can be processed biometrically. For example, a person without fingers can still be processed using facial recognition.
  • Availability: Enrolled samples of certain biometric modes may be more readily available than other types. For example, capturing and checking only fingerprints against a watch list may be of limited use if certain critical watch lists contains only photos of the persons of interest.
  • Accuracy: For one to many checks against large databases, even highly accurate biometrics produce significant false match and false non-match rates[1]. Using multiple biometrics and fusing the results can significantly reduce these errors.
  • Future Proofing: Biometric technology is still a rapidly developing area of technology with new biometric modes likely to mature over the coming decade. A multi-modal architecture allows the border management system to leverage these improvements.
  • Security: Using multiple biometric modes can significantly increase the difficulty of spoofing the systems. For example, consider the difference in difficulty between spoofing an automated immigration gate which uses only fingerprints and the same gate using both fingerprints and facial recognition.

The logical architecture below shows how Daon typically presents its Visa application solutions for front end biometric encounter applications and backend biometric specific middleware and messaging. Together this represents a pre-integrated, secure, performant and ready-to-deploy service delivery platform that has repeatedly been selected by government.

Finally, our eVisa and Immigration solutions have an inherent technical capability for standards based interoperability. Combined this technical capability with Daon’s related subject matter expertise we are ideally placed to assist Immigration Agencies with the growing challenge of Whole of Government, Regional and International, Data Exchange.