In recent years more countries have joined the EU and US in requiring all visitors to hold an electronic passport with some form of biometric identifier included to gain access through their borders.

This new generation of electronic passport with its complex security features has forced nations to consider migrating to a new system or upgrading an existing one.  Whichever path is chosen there are a multitude of options to consider before settling on one particular technology or provider.  Daon’s ePassport solution is future proof, scalable and extensible.

Daon provides an open, vendor independent COTS technology that is capable of securely capturing and storing ICAO compliant biometric data in a central repository for later use in producing an ePassport.  Our flexible technology stack is ideal for customers who want to combine best of breed identity technologies and leverage existing investment in such technology.

Daon provide seamless application level security infrastructure that assures the integrity of biometric and biographic data, irrespective of the security of the underlying network.   Confidentiality of biometric data is ensured by the Daon infrastructure.  This is achieved by encrypting all biometric information, both in transit and at rest.   The Daon solution provides an extensive library of 120+ critical business services that support the ePassport enrolment and issuance processes.

Daon’s solution for a typical ePassport system employs a multi-tier architecture, where the front-end applications (Enrollment Application) communicate through a middleware service request processor (DaonEngine) to the back-end services (existing and new national and international applications and services), a biometric matching technology for central identification and verification, and the integration to ePassport issuance system.

Our solutions deliver the following key functionality:

  • Register/Enroll: Each individual that has chosen to register for new or renewed ePassport and that has not been previously enrolled with biometric information, will have their finger prints, photographic image and biographic data captured and transmitted to the central application.
  • Identification (de-dupe): Our solution verifies that the individual being processed has not already being processed (issued with another ePassport under an alternative name or alias), via the use of finger print biometric matching capability. Other biometric modalities are support such as facial portrait matching and iris matching.
  • Identity Management & Secure Central Storage: All biographic and biometric data of each individual enrolled in the system is stored securely in a central database that is managed by DaonEngine, and accessed by the client enrollment applications, the back end matching services, and the passport issuing system.