Border Management

We help nations securely and efficiently manage the flow of people across their borders.

Our Border Management solution addresses the full range of business processes required and allows border control and immigration management to be implemented separately or together as a complete Solution.

Border Control

Our solution allows border control agencies to process both arriving and departing travelers in a wide range of contexts at air, land, and sea ports; at both manned immigration desks and automated immigration gates.

By adhering to best practice immigration processes and state-of-the-art technology, Daon facilitates “extending the border” practices by allowing passenger processing to be performed at offshore locations and on vehicles and vessels using mobile terminals, and by facilitating advanced analysis of passenger data. Complete integration of biometric verification and document authentication technologies allows for simultaneous improved security and increased throughput.

border control

Immigration Management

We enable best practice immigration processes through state-of-the-art technologies at central and regional immigration offices, as well as on overseas missions. Our solution leverages biometric technology to prevent identity fraud while enabling efficient and secure visa issuing, plus permanent residency and citizenship processes. The solution also supports a range of immigration enforcement functions.