Trusted Identity Solutions for Financial Services

More than 150 major financial firms use Daon technology, including Experian, BNP Paribas, and SMFG.

One leading U.S. Bank now has:
10M+ IdentityX Users and saw 26% User Growth in Q1 2021

There’s no sector more vulnerable to the onslaught of new and ever-evolving fraud attacks than financial services, or more burdened by government mandates to stop money laundering and other illegal customer transactions.

Yet these same organizations are under enormous competitive pressure to deliver convenient, frictionless digital experiences to their customers.

In the past, these opposing priorities were simply irreconcilable. But modern technology—namely biometric-based identity assurance—makes it possible for financial firms to deliver highly secure yet consistently delightful customer experiences in every channel.

Cross-Channel Security and Convenience

Too many financial firms feel compelled to make trade-offs between security and convenience (or worse, they use passwords which are neither secure nor convenient).

Other firms are fortified in one channel, but porous in another. Or they’ll deliver a great customer experience on the web, for instance, only to disappoint that same customer the next time she engages through the contact center.

Consistently delightful, secure customer experiences are the lifeblood of any financial services brand—and Daon’s IdentityX® is the cross-channel identity platform that makes this possible.

Trusted Identity Assurance Across Customer Engagements

IdentityX is a seamless, all-in-one identity assurance platform for identity proofing and ongoing authentication in mobile and web environments, contact centers, and physical locations.

At the start of a customer journey, IdentityX binds each new customer account to a real identity by comparing a video selfie with a government-issued ID (with support for 7,000+ government-issued documents from 200+ countries). Behind the scenes, liveness detection technology (based on state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms) differentiates between a photograph or video recording and a live human face.

Once onboarded, customers can instantly use that same identity credential to authenticate themselves anytime, anywhere. It’s a seamless, all-in-one solution for identity proofing, onboarding, ongoing authentication, and account recovery—in every channel, for life.

Flexible. Scalable. Future-Proof.

Designed for maximum flexibility, scalability and ease of integration, the IdentityX platform allows financial firms to choose their own plug-and-play biometric and non-biometric authentication factors, vendors, algorithms, and channels.

In addition, the platform integrates seamlessly with third-party tools like orchestration engines and Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems.

Daon Powers e-KYC Compliance for PayPay with Easy-to-Use Service

PayPay is a cashless payment system founded by SoftBank and Yahoo! Japan in collaboration with India’s largest payment company PayTM. Using Daon’s technology, new customers can start using PayPay Money without having to go through any burdensome procedures. In fact, the highly secure process is so frictionless, 750,000 users were onboarded in the first week PayPay Money was launched.



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More than 150 Major Financial Firms Trust Daon Identity Assurance

For more than two decades, Daon has been the most trusted name in biometric identity assurance for the financial services sector.

In fact, Daon technology has been chosen to secure more than a billion identities on 6 continents, and Daon completes 100s of millions of transactions each day.

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