Daon's Robert Soden to Present at the Identity & KYC APAC Seminar in Hong Kong

Robert Soden, Daon's Sales Director, Asia Pacific, will present at the Identity & KYC APAC Seminar on March 21st, 2017 in Hong Kong. Robert's session, titled Biometrics to Enhance Identity Authentication, will cover the following topics and include a hands-on demonstration of Daon's IdentityX® Platform for mobile biometric authentication.

  • Comparing the efficiency rates and costs of eye scanning, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition and voice recognition systems
  • What risks are associated with banks using biometrics?
  • Use cases for biometrics in banking and payments
  • Overcoming issues of consumer perception regarding biometrics
  • Experiences and lessons learned from: Atom Bank and Mastercard

For more information on the Identity & KYC APAC Seminar visit the event website. If you're interested in receiving a personal demonstration of Daon's IdentityX Platform click on button below.