Biometric Authentication for Banking Services Seminar - Hong Kong

Daon and Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited have put together a seminar to take place in Hong Kong titled Biometric Authentication for Banking Services on Thursday, May 19th at the Regus Conference Centre in Wanchai. Daon will share how it helps financial institutions and regulatory authorities around the globe to unleash the full power of biometric authentication. Tradelink will illustrate how biometric authentication can evolve from mobile deployment to an Omni-channel strategy as well as to highlight the key considerations for deploying the technology in Hong Kong.

Daon speakers will include John Duggan, Vice President of Sales and Robert Soden, Sales Director, Asia Pacific. Topics covered by Daon will include the problems biometric authentication technology solves, use cases for biometrics in banking and payments, and consumer perception from live, large scale biometric deployments in financial services. They will also discuss the security and convenience of Daon's solution.

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