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Digital Identity and Document Verification Solving the Issue of Trust

Guest Post by Alan Goode, Founder and CEO of Goode Intelligence

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The question of how we effectively and securely identify people online and enable them to perform digital tasks in a safe and secure manner is one of the fundamental ones of our time.

Digital identity and document verification services solve an immediate problem in how to prove a person’s identity for access to online (remote) services.

In the absence of universal digital identities that can be used across services and borders, document verification services remedy the issue of trust between regional service providers and their users.

The ability to onboard new customers through remote digital channels, both web and mobile, is a pressing need for many organisations looking to reduce their physical footprint and support digital transformation projects while reducing the risk of fraud. Digital identity and document verification services aim to support digital onboarding and meet the latest AML, KYC and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) regulations.

A combination of ever-more accurate facial recognition, document verification and a wider variety of verifiable identity sources (data and signals) increasingly powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are enabling service providers to adopt digital identity and document verification services in ever-increasing numbers.

Digital identity and document verification services, specifically, answer the following questions:

  • Is it a real user?
  • Is the user authorised to use the data it presented?
  • Can the service provider conduct business with the user?
  • What is the risk of doing business with the user?

For further insights and key market drivers for these services, download “The Digital Identity Problem – Solving the Issue of Trust” here.

About Goode Intelligence

Goode Intelligence is a leading identity and biometrics research, consulting and events organisation founded in 2007, based in London. For more information about Goode Intelligence, please visit www.goodeintelligence.com.

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