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INTERVIEW: John Sanders, Daon's President of Emerging Industries

In September of this year, Daon announced John Sanders as President of Emerging Industries. We recently caught up with John on our Podcast Series where he reflected on his career and previous roles as Chief Technology Officer for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Chief Operating Officer and Acting Commissioner for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and what he believes is the future of Daon.

Read the full interview with Martin Walsh, Daon’s Chief Legal Counsel and John Sanders:

Martin: You are very welcome to the next in our series of podcasts and today’s interview is slightly different to the other ones, in that I am not sitting here grilling a willing colleague rather, I’m welcoming our new President of Emerging Industries, John Sanders.

John you are very welcome to the company. You were the Chief Technology Officer at the US transportation Security Administration; you were also the Acting Commissioner and CEO at US Customs Border Protection, how do you go into a role like that? How do you get your head around that position where you are managing 60,000 people, tell me about that?

John: I don’t think you do; I wouldn’t say that, you know, I look back on the experience when, I was the Acting Commissioner at CBP and had 60,000 people reporting to me. And it’s hard to believe at times the different experiences and opportunities that I had. I would tell you a quick story… when the current Secretary of Homeland Security, Kevin McLean asked me to do that job, he got me on the phone and he said, I’m going to ask you to do this job and when I woke up after fainting and we started taking about it a little.

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