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Free Remote Workforce Access Control During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Here at Daon, we’re truly grateful to all the brave health workers and essential employees out there, as well as to all our friends and partners in the industry who are working hard to help keep life going (and business moving) as normally as possible.

Today, we’d like to assist those efforts by helping remote workers stay connected in a truly secure and frictionless way.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, employees all over the world are adjusting to “the new normal” of isolating at home and working remotely. While the mandates are necessary for helping to stop the spread of the virus, they present challenges for the IT departments and professionals responsible for providing a seamless and secure transition. Recent reports indicate that cyber threats, including phishing scams and spam, are on the rise as bad actors take advantage of the remote workers and their unsecure corporate systems.

The problem is that most VPNs are currently secured with either passwords and secret questions (known as KBA or knowledge-based authentication) or hard tokens. The former compromises both security and user experience, while the latter creates havoc when those token get lost or stolen (and are especially difficult and expensive to re-acquire now that the global supply chain is disrupted).

On the other hand, Daon’s IdentityX® platform for biometric-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) is seamless, exponentially more secure, and comes with an easy snap-in integration for your VPN of choice.

During this unprecedented time of need, we’re offering this solution to all our new customers, free of charge, hosted in our secure cloud for fast, contactless deployment with nothing to install on-premise.

Learn more about how customers like PNC Bank and Bank Hapoalim are using this solution right now to securely authenticate their workforce, or get it for free here.

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[PODCAST] Bringing the Delight, Efficiency and Security to the Contact Center

In this twelfth episode in the Daon Podcast Series, Jason Beloncik, Head of Solutions, Americas, deconstructs the current reality of customer experiences in the contact center and explains how, specifically, online-inspired technologies can dramatically improve those experiences, stop caller fraud, and save millions in the process.

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[CASE STUDY]: Mox Bank

See how biometrics have been designed in from the start to deliver the security and uncertainty required to ensure success 

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Mox, a new virtual bank in Hong Kong by Standard Chartered in partnership with HKT, PCCW and Trip.com, needed a way to achieve seamless, secure onboarding and customer authentication over a mobile device. The onboarding and authentication experience had to offer superb usability and convenience compared to passwords, and help the bank maintain contact with customers over the lifetime of their account.


Biometric technology was a natural fit: it delivers that seamless experience and helps the bank maintain contact and achieve continuous engagement with customers -- something that is especially important for a bank which does not have any branches. Mox selected Daon, global leader in biometrically-secured banking, to provide the core technology that secures the bank's customer app.


Daon is vital to delivering the security and certainty required to make Mox a success. The Hong Kong deployment follows a number of successful implementations by other international banking groups who use Daon's technology to give digital bank customers a secure, convenient way to verify their identity while also meeting robust compliance requirements. To learn more, visit Case Study: Digital Banking Innovator