DaonInsights is an analytics and reporting framework that can perform analytics on data in DaonEngine (data and quality by age, gender, etc.), and generate summary transaction statistics, data quality metrics, and operational performance reports.

daoninsights 1

DaonInsights provides an interactive set of reports that gives users a view of the performance of the biometric system in a DaonEngine solution.

The following is some of the information that is available through DaonInsights:

  • Identity Population
  • Biometric Data (Quality and Modality)
  • Service Usage and Errors
  • Biometric Verification (Hit/No Hit Stats)
  • Biometric Identification Score Distribution, FAR etc.
  • Biometric threshold & candidate list size including “what if” analysis to aid with balancing security versus cost of investigations
  • Insights into capacity/throughput of system