Daon CEO Tom Grissen Reveals the Next Generation of Biometric Authentication and How It Will Change the World

Tom Grissen, Daon's CEO, was interviewed for a radio broadcast by The CEO Show to discuss how the next generation of biometric authentication will change the world.

the ceo show interview tom grissenIn this interview Tom discusses how Daon's biometric software was first used to protect citizens by securing airports and seaports after 9/11 and how that transitioned to the commercial sector to secure digital interactions, particularly in financial services.

Tom then goes on to describe how biometric authentication works with a mobile device to enable convenient and secure access to online services, such as mobile banking, payments, insurance, healthcare, automotive, and any other industry where consumers interact with a business online.

Listen to Tom's interview to learn more about why a platform like IdentityX® is paramount for any business looking to implement biometric authentication and how deploying organizations can improve their Net Promoter Scores and increase top-line revenue growth.

Listen to the Interview