CSC Teams with Daon to Launch Multifactor Identity Authentication Offering for Banking

FALLS CHURCH, Va., May 08, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — CSC today announced it has teamed with Daon, a leader in identity authentication technology and services, to launch a biometric authentication service to help banks reduce risk and protect their customers from fraud and identity theft. The offering, ConfidentID Mobile, is built on Daon’s IdentityX® platform and provides reliable, in and out-of-band identity authentication for online, mobile and other channel transactions, allowing financial institutions to customize the level of security required for different types of transactions.

The service works by combining passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs) and public key infrastructure (PKI) security architecture, along with optional biometrics such as face recognition, voice recognition and palm identity. Location intelligence is also used for verification through global positioning system (GPS), IP location and cellular triangulation. ConfidentID Mobile is hardware-independent and supports today’s latest generation of smart phones and tablets. It authenticates both individuals and their transactions and helps organizations meet stringent requirements, including those prescribed by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC).

“Fundamental to CSC’s mobile cybersecurity strategy is a commitment to reduce fraud and risk through a suite of identity-oriented offerings, which deliver a user authentication process that protects the consumer Beyond a Shadow of a DoubtSM,” said John Dickson, president of CSC’s Banking and Credit Services Division. “Using biometric and other data gathered from ConfidentID Mobile to verify the user’s identity when authorizing a financial transaction is critical, especially for those transactions involving the movement of large amounts of funds.”

“ConfidentID Mobile facilitates the ability to securely, efficiently and easily prove your identity to an application and to be assured who you’re interacting with online. This capability is essential to delivering online trust as the Internet has become indispensable for billions of people across the world,” said Tom Grissen, chief executive officer, Daon. “Daon is proud to provide the patented IdentityX technical foundation on which CSC is building complementary products, services and systems. ConfidentID Mobile represents a tremendous opportunity for CSC to carve out a dominant position in the all-important banking sector.”

ConfidentID Mobile comprises both a server application and an application on the banking customer’s mobile device. When the customer initiates a transaction on the bank’s website or mobile application, such as transferring money from one account to another, a request is made to the user for authentication. ConfidentID Mobile directly informs the service provider of successful authentication on the back end without further action from the customer. For more information, visit

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