IdentityX & Call U Conferencing partner to create ultra secure conference calling service

Fairfax, VA January 29, 2014– IdentityX, an affiliate of Daon, a recognized innovator and global leader in identity assurance software and services, announced that it has partnered with Call U Conferencing to launch an ultra secure conferencing service. Call U Conferencing is the first conference calling service to use Daon’s cutting-edge IdentityX® facial and voice recognition technology to ensure that only those who are invited on a conference call get access to it. Delivering on the companies’ joint vision to redefine the conference calling experience, Call U Ultra Secure Conference Calling service will enable executives to connect with confidence, safeguarding proprietary or personal data on conference calls.

“Call U Conferencing is excited to launch this new conferencing capability with Daon’s IdentityX biometric security. The business world today is becoming more aware of the security issues facing their conference calls and this service provides the highest level of security commercially available today” said Tim Reedy, CEO and Co-Founder of Call U Conferencing.

Typical conferencing services in use today control access through the use of shared passcodes. These passcodes not only allow anonymous access, they are typically set up once and used repeatedly, over long periods of time. Companies who spend a significant percentage of their IT budget on security software and services to control access to sensitive information routinely share the same sensitive information on unsecured conference calls.

The Call U Ultra Secure Conference Calling Service can be delivered two ways: customers can purchase it as a service, or they can install IdentityX on their premises and connect it to the Call U service. This also means that existing IdentityX customers can increase the return on their investment in IdentityX by connecting their existing IdentityX platform with the Call U service.

“The marriage of Call U and IdentityX makes perfect sense. Companies must connect their people and suppliers across the globe, and they need to share sensitive information with them” said Conor White, President of IdentityX. “Today’s conference calling solutions are very inconvenient and insecure. Call U and IdentityX solve this problem by combining the convenience of Call U with the security of IdentityX to know exactly who is on your call. This is exactly what the market needs.”

Key Features and Benefits
  • No longer will you host or dial into a conference call and hear “beep beep beep beep” and wonder who is on the call. Call U Ultra Secure Conferencing service provides multiple levels of security for conference calls using IdentityX® authentication on PCs, smartphones and tablets. The conference calls will only have those people who have been invited to the call based on confirming their identity. The most secure conference call offering in the market today.
  • Use your favorite calendar program to set up conference calls, invite people, and set the security level for the call. No proprietary calendar tools or plug-ins are required.
  • Because the system knows when your conference call is scheduled and who has been invited, the system can control access to the conference and ensure that only the people you invited can connect to the conference, and even then, are only allowed one connection per identity.
  • No more looking up dial in numbers and passcodes – you connect to your conference calls with your identity. When it’s time for your conference call, you can be called at the number(s) of your choosing, get a text message or email with a connect link, or simply go to your Call U Portal and connect from there.
  • While you usually won’t need to dial in, if you have to, we use location information from your computer, tablet or smartphone to give you a phone number that makes sense based on your location along with a temporary passcode tied to your identity.
  • Intelligent Name Announce – Instead of requiring your participants to state their name as they join the conference, we use the name of the person you invited and play a text-to-speech recording of their name into the conference when they join and leave your conference.
  • No worrying about conference calls that run long – Unlike other services, each Call U conference call is a separate instance so you’ll never have your 9 AM conference run into your 10 AM conference.
  • Mobile Friendly – Connect to any conference call you are invited to or start your own conference call with two clicks.
About Daon

Daon is a leading provider of identity assurance software products focused on meeting the needs of governments and commercial organizations worldwide. Daon products have been selected to secure hundreds of millions of identities around the globe including programs in the United States, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, the European Union and Mexico. Commercial customers include a number of the largest financial institutions in the world and major deployments in the consumer security market.

About IdentityX Inc.

IdentityX Inc., an affiliate of Daon Inc., brings innovative mobile authentication solutions to the market. IdentityX Inc. offers stand-alone solutions (e.g., ResetX™ for convenient, secure password resetting), pre-integrated solutions to common Enterprise challenges (e.g., CA SiteMinder®) and an SDK to allow businesses to integrate the multi-factor security of IdentityX into their own products and infrastructure.

About Call U Conferencing

Call U Conferencing is a next generation conferencing service that emphasizes security and ease of use. The Call U Conferencing service eliminates the security risks associated with overlapping conference calls and persistent passcodes. The Call U service automatically calls participants using their preferred telephone numbers or notifies them using email or text messaging. The patented service is fully internationalized and deployed on Amazon Web Services allowing for unlimited scale and global reach.

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