Daon Supports Large Scale Next Generation Biometric Border Controls

Reston, VA – Daon, a global leader in biometric authentication and identity assurance solutions, announced today their role in extending a biometric border control system in Asia. In 2007, a large global system integrator headquartered in Japan integrated Daon software to implement the first multi-modal biometric middleware put into production for border control in a developed economy in Asia. In 2014, the same systems integrator upgraded the system to the Next Generation Biometric Identification System using the Daon end-to-end biometric software suite.

At the time of upgrade the Daon software managed up to 60 million traveler’s records for fingerprint and face biometrics and over 300 million traveler movement events. Daon assisted in the upgrade of the biometric border control workstation and server technology which was achieved with no interruption of service and the system has been operating successfully ever since. Daon is contracted to support the latest generation of technology until at least 2018.

Tom Grissen, Daon’s chief executive officer, commented: “We are proud to continue to support biometric processing for traveler facilitation and border security purposes. Our software is a core part of an immensely important mission critical system that is integral to national security that demands the very highest levels of scalability, availability and performance.”

About Daon

Daon, www.daon.com, is an innovator in developing and deploying biometric authentication and identity assurance solutions worldwide. Daon has pioneered methods for securely and conveniently combining biometric and identity capabilities in multiple channels with large-scale deployments that span payments verification, digital banking, insurance, and securing borders and critical infrastructure.  Daon’s solutions provide our customers with choice, making it easier and safer for people to conduct business online, travel, and so much more. Daon’s IdentityX® Platform for mobile biometric authentication removes friction from the authentication process while dramatically reducing fraud to previously unattainable levels. IdentityX allows businesses to conduct transactions with any consumer at any time with total confidence.  Get to know us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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