Its all about the “Next Big Idea”

We had the opportunity to present the capabilities of the IdentityX Platform today during the “Big Idea” competition. Interested in what we had to say? Click on Read More below.

Today’s Credit Union members are all extremely busy. Sometimes the only time they have a chance to do the important financial aspects their lives is after-hours – their lives won’t allow them to visit their Credit Union, and certainly not between 8am and 5pm. They need banking to as convenient as possible.

So, members are coming to expect more from their Credit Unions. They want the ability to do any transaction anywhere at any time. Credit Unions need a way to support these new expectations while maintaining their high levels of service without compromising the customer intimacy that are the hallmarks of Credit Unions… and it all needs to be secure – this is the member’s money we’re talking about.

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