Forget Passwords: How Biometrics Are Transforming the Security of Mobile Payments (TechCrunch)

Daon’s President, Americas Conor White was interviewed by TechCrunch for an article discussing the transition from passwords to a more convenient and secure method using biometrics.

Several companies lead the charge to bring multimodal biometrics to mobile shoppers. Among these is Daon, which provides mobile biometric services for commercial enterprises like financial institutions and payment providers.

In addition to using voice, facial, and fingerprint recognition to verify the smartphone’s owner, Daon technology also takes advantage of the phone’s GPS locator to help determine the owner’s identity. If the user is accessing a given app from an expected location, such as their home or workplace, no problem. If the GPS registers from thousands of miles away, problem. Together, all of these biometrics are scored and passed through a formula to produce a combined authentication score that is measured against a predetermined threshold. Only when the authentication score passes that threshold does the user gain access.

Daon’s IdentityX service allows people to combine several methods to authenticate themselves when making mobile payments.

As complex and time-consuming as biometric authentication sounds, in practice the process takes less time than keying a password into a smartphone. In a live demo hosted by Daon, a user was able to use biometric authentication to purchase things online and log into a bank account in seconds. To improve convenience, Daon’s authentication strictness can be adjusted; for less expensive purchases like a coffee, users may just scan a fingerprint.

“When we stop authenticating for things like passwords and start authenticating the person, many of our cybersecurity risks go away,” says Conor White, president of Daon’s Americas operations. “What we’ve done with biometric authentication is to make it both secure and convenient.”

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