Atom Bank Moves Up from 8th to 6th in Fintech 100 Rankings

Atom Bank is breathing new life into the banking sector by building everything digitally, forgoing branches and turning to a mobile application that uses face and voice recognition for biometric security. To say that this new way of banking is ground-breaking is an understatement and Atom is getting a lot of recognition as of late, ranking 6th on a list of 50 leading established fintech companies and 50 emerging stars compiled by Fintech Innovators. Read more about their ranking here.

The Atom app offers a truly beautiful experience – based on a gaming platform and offering a tailored digital experience for every customer, including 1.4 million different logo color combinations. What’s getting the most juice though with the media is their biometric gateway, enabled by Daon’s IdentityX® Platform, for mobile biometric authentication. Customers enjoy easy access whenever, wherever, with a smile on their face or some pep in their voice for an experience that exemplifies the digital fintech revolution by marrying convenience and security. Atom recently opened its doors to all UK customers on October 6th.