Better Security through Biometrics: The next generation of user authentication is PIN- and password-free. (ABA Banking Journal)

The ABA Banking Journal published an article that focuses on biometrics in banking. The article begins: “As the guardians of customers’ most sensitive data, banks are trusted to provide the gold standard in data security. And for most banks, that means a multi-factor authentication process combining passwords with PINs or security questions. But is that enough?”

At Daon, we argue that multi-factor authentication is the only way to protect customers, and when coupled with biometrics, provides the most secure authentication available today without sacrificing customer convenience. Daon’s CEO, Tom Grissen, is quoted throughout the article, providing clear thought-leadership from the Daon point-of-view on how biometrics not only provide increased security, they also improve the customer experience.

Read the full article on the ABA Banking Journal website by clicking here. Get insight from Daon and what we’ve learned through large-scale biometric deployments on 5 continents, including insight from our customer USAA who was one of the first banks in the world to secure their mobile application with multimodal biometric authentication.