Will passwords soon go bye-bye? Reston-based company uses human factors to authenticate (ABC 7 News WJLA)

Passwords. We use them for practically everything we do — from purchasing a gift online, to taking out cash at a bank — and for most of us, we have so many different passwords that it’s difficult to remember them all. It’s time to do away with passwords, replacing them with biometric authentication as part of a multi-factor approach to cybersecurity.

Convenience is extremely important when authenticating, without convenience users will not adopt new technologies. By using biometrics, i.e. human factors that make you “uniquely you” such as your face, voice or fingerprint, you can provide a superior user experience to your customers while also enabling the most secure technology on today’s market.

ABC 7 News – WJLA was recently at Daon’s headquarters in Reston, VA to discuss how biometrics are replacing passwords for online shopping and why passwords might soon “go by the way of the dinosaur” and all you’ll need is a smartphone and yourself – you ARE the password!

Click here to watch the segment that first aired on January 5th, 2017 on ABC 7 News – 7 On Your Side . Horace Holmes interviews Daon CEO Tom Grissen to discuss the shift to biometric authentication and the death of the password, while also getting a chance to test our IdentityX Platform for himself.