Administration and Support Services

Operations & IT – Our operations team implements strategies designed to streamline daily operations. By efficiently managing the company’s resources, they make an immediate impact on the global team. The operations team oversees facilities management, communications, and company events while providing interdepartmental coordination and liaison. Our operations staff is dedicated to achieving the highest standards in global connectivity, productivity and organizational capability. Our IT support focuses on overseeing the systems, databases, networks and all other services that are needed for Daon to run a global operation. IT supports the effective mobility of our people throughout the world 24/7.

Finance – The finance team at Daon is committed to providing quality, service-oriented financial support to the Daon team worldwide. The team ensures compliance with reporting requirements in countries around the world, providing accurate accounting functions for all areas of the business, timely financial reporting and analysis, and pricing support to the sales team.

Human Resources – Our HR team engages with our people and our leaders globally to attract, retain and develop the brightest talent who directly contribute to Daon’s success. HR also works closely with their immediate customers – the employees of Daon – to ensure their professional life is supported in every way possible. HR is focused on continuous improvement across the board and aims to apply best practices in all areas of the department.

Legal – Our legal team advises business leaders on complex legal issues in a dynamic, high-growth environment. They oversee Daon’s intellectual property and patent efforts, drive public policy initiatives and resolve all litigation.