Identity Lifecycle Solutions and Identity Intelligence


DaonEnroll is an identity enrollment and encounter management application, designed for use with either kiosks or PC’s that utilize hardware devices to collect biographic and biometric data during a face to face encounter with customers.

DaonEnroll includes a highly configurable COTS software application to rapidly create enrolment applications tailored to the requirements of a customer’s business process.

DaonEnroll eliminates the cost of building and maintaining custom solutions by providing a common platform and commercial grade software product. It reduces need for domain knowledge around identity management, biometrics and document capture. This approach helps to increase project success rates and timeliness; reduces cost, resource requirements and technical risk.

DaonEnroll includes the following capabilities:

  • Collect, Verify and Store Identity Data
  • Live Photo Image Auto-Capture, ICAO Compliance Checking, Intelligent Cropping
  • Finger – Single/2 print/10 print/Rolls capture, quality check, sequence check.
  • Iris – Dual Iris Capture
  • Signature Capture
  • Intelligent Document Scanning for Passport and ID cards; Flatbed document scanning for breeder documents; Smartcard query, data capture and validation
  • Application Workflow for Enrolment and Identity Verification
  • All of the relevant standards and best practices built in